Qualified as Advanced Stott Pilates mat-work Instructor in 2007.

Oct 092017

” I first started Pilates with Barbara over three years ago and have benefited from the classes each week. 

Barbara is a very competent teacher and has great patience and a great knowledge of how our joints work.  After each session I not only feel relaxed, my whole body feels more supple and my arthritic pain is alleviated. 

I would recommend anyone to join her various classes.”

Janet S.

Oct 092017
After beginning Pilates with Barbara about a year or so ago, I was pretty skeptical whether it was ever going to work.
However, in our conversation after last week’s lesson I explained that after nearly 18 years of necessary 4 hourly BACKBREAKING MAINTENANCE work each month on my Koi Pond, I can happily now announce that it no longer affects me to the point of all over aches and pains, and I now find it a more  pleasurable labour of love as it should be.
Just to thank Barbara for her perseverance and patience of a saint and me becoming an inch taller in the bargain. Keith
Mar 112017

Dear Barbara,

My words are insufficient to adequately convey how grateful I am to you for your help over the past year and a half.

Your wise and compassionate teaching and firm determinations have rescued me from a semi- disabled state and enables me to maintain a level of fitness that makes my life almost normal still a long way to go but I continue with confidence thank you.


Nov 082016

After years of trying different classes to keep fit and never persevering with anything, I finally came upon Barbara.  I was attracted to the fact that she was an Advanced Pilates Teacher and after the first session quickly realised she really knew her stuff.   Over time I also discovered that she was committed to getting the best out of me and would think through different exercises whenever I got stuck on something.

I have now been happily attending sessions with her for over four years and am not only much fitter but have acquired great posture during the process, something that has been noticed and commented upon!   The added blessing is no more back pain when I garden, despite sometimes going mad and carrying out heavy digging for what can sometimes be for hours on end.   My problem with my back was largely resolved after about twelve classes for me, unlike other classes there was no pain and once I mastered the correct breathing it has made such a difference to my core strength.   Ever appreciative of the effort and patience Barbara puts into her classes.

Pauline O

Oct 022016
Suffering daily with aches and pains a friend suggested I tried pilates.
In the past I have tried several different classes but found them of little benefit and was ready to give up that is until I found and tried Barbara’s class.  Barbara’s small class, the gentle exercises and her readiness to offer vital individual attention has made such a big difference to me. At last I can feel the physical benefits of pilates.  Thank you Barbara.
Best wishes
Sep 202016

I did ask some of the people I teach if there is anything that they would like to write on my website and this is the first thing I have been sent.

I was recovering from a fractured vertebra and on crutches when I met Barbara about 5years ago. Since then I have been exercising with her weekly. She helped me to regain my strength and confidence to live an active life style. Besides managing the daily chores I can easily manage public transport and go to most of the exhibitions in London which I greatly enjoy. Barbara is always most encouraging in her teaching and remarkable in gauging ones abilities to strengthen ones muscles. Anyone joining her class will enjoy it and soon notice the change in their posture and balance.
Thank you Barbara in helping me back on my feet.