Nov 082016

After years of trying different classes to keep fit and never persevering with anything, I finally came upon Barbara.  I was attracted to the fact that she was an Advanced Pilates Teacher and after the first session quickly realised she really knew her stuff.   Over time I also discovered that she was committed to getting the best out of me and would think through different exercises whenever I got stuck on something.

I have now been happily attending sessions with her for over four years and am not only much fitter but have acquired great posture during the process, something that has been noticed and commented upon!   The added blessing is no more back pain when I garden, despite sometimes going mad and carrying out heavy digging for what can sometimes be for hours on end.   My problem with my back was largely resolved after about twelve classes for me, unlike other classes there was no pain and once I mastered the correct breathing it has made such a difference to my core strength.   Ever appreciative of the effort and patience Barbara puts into her classes.

Pauline O